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Manufacturing & OEM
Efficient electrical supply to keep production moving

For manufacturers, obtaining the right product at the right time is crucial. Texcan simplifies the supply chain to keep your valuable resources focused on your core business. 


View all product catalogs & flyers here.  Standard industry items include:

Single Supplier

Due to our extensive inventory of more than 16,000 North American-made products, Texcan has the wire and cable products you need. You can save time and reduce administration costs with one consolidated order, delivery, and invoice. 

  • Options available for Custom kits – one convenient package that contains all necessary parts for a speedy installation

CSA Approved

Texcan is certified to CSA Class No. 5839-01 and CSA Class No. 5839-81 under CSA File No. 212578, for re-spooling, striping, and cutting into lengths from which insulation may be stripped from one or both ends. 

Our experience includes projects in the following areas:

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Commercial Electronics
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Communications & Lighting
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Computers & Technology
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Electronic Equipment Assembly
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Food and Beverage