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Custom Cable Solutions
Discover custom cabling solutions

Customized cable construction and packaging make identification easier and installation faster on complex projects. Texcan can help increase project efficiency with: 

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Included Cut to Length

We custom-cut from our extensive inventory so that you pay only for what you need. Our long lengths capability reduces the risk of costly splicing installations.

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Cable Jacket Identifiers

Special jacket printing (company name, etc.), numbering (site location codes), striping, and colour-coding are some of the ways we tailor products to fit your project needs. 

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Custom Tagging

We provide reel tag services that include all site required item identifiers and information for ease of installation. Tag options include standard weatherproofed, colour-coded, metal printed, RFID, or customer template. 

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We offer either wood covers and/or other suitable durable packaging to protect reels in transit over long distances including export, bad weather, and rough terrain.  

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Specialized Packing

We can custom-pack orders according to almost any specifications. Whether it’s specified reel sizes, bug-free reels, or shrink-wrapped pallets, we make sure it’s packed right. Any excess product or shipment packaging is recycled. 

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We can prepare multiple cables on one reel to simplify installation. This can help you decrease handling and preparation costs and leave you with fewer reels on site.  Learn more about SIMpull Solutions® HERE.

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Get Connected

If you are buying cable you will need connectors. Let us eliminate any sizing guesswork or wasted labour. Ensure cable to connector fit with our "Get Connected" services.  

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End Caps

Solutions to protect cable ends from weather exposure include various types of end caps or tape and can even include exposed ends for site testing. Texcan has end cap options to suit your site requirements.